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Eva Haining Author

Fumble - Signed Paperback

Fumble - Signed Paperback

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Signed Paperback

Faith Fairchild has a plan.
Now, all she needs is the man.
Hunter Vaughn was voted sexiest man alive four years running. He is mouthwatering in every way imaginable. A football legend - he's about to be entered into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. My job is to keep him happy no matter what.
He has charm, class, money, and experience...
Everything I want in the man I'm going to convince to take my virginity.
Faith Fairchild is my new assistant and half my age, with no concept of just how sexy she is. I would love nothing more than to bend her over my desk and show her who's boss, but my golden rule is
don't sleep with virgins. I want no strings sex with a woman who knows what she's doing.
Just because I don't plan to score, doesn't mean I can't play the game... right?
When challenged to a little bump-and-run, can the innocent virgin really play the ultimate player?
FUMBLE is a sexy, lighthearted romance.

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