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Eva Haining Author

The Contract: Room 1 (Signed)

The Contract: Room 1 (Signed)

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Signed Paperback with Bookmarks

They’ve never wanted forever with anyone else, but fate had other plans.

Dalton Callaghan has it all—success, money, charm and good looks. But money can’t buy him the only thing he ever wanted. Her. The day Dalton’s father was imprisoned for fraud and embezzlement, he knew the future he had planned was no longer possible.
With a life-altering decision to be made, Dalton sent the only girl he ever loved off to college without him.
Naddie Sullivan was in love with the boy next door. They shared all their firsts together, from the sandbox to prom, and everything in between.
They were each other’s first. Each other’s everything.
When Naddie accepts a new job and uproots her successful life in Boston to move to Manhattan, she could never anticipate what fate had in store. Now she has to make a choice. The career she’s worked so hard for, or the man she’s been in love with her whole life. With so many obstacles to overcome, can these high school sweethearts become the Dominant and submissive they were always destined to be?
He’s the first man she ever loved, and the only Dom she’ll ever need.


Second Chance
High School Sweethearts
Forced Proximity


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